Oxford is a scenic service town located in rural Waimakariri. Positioned on the Inland Scenic Route, Oxford welcomes numerous travellers who enjoy the town's eateries, boutique shops and recreation opportunities including hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.

Oxford and the nearby Ashley Gorge area is home to 3,620 residents, with the population expected to increase by about 150 in the next five years. Healthcare is the largest employer in the Oxford area, closely followed by agriculture, construction, retail and education.

Residents enjoy the small-town vibe, great facilities and the easy access to the foothills, alpine environment and rivers.

Oxford township
3,620 Population expected to increase to 3,780 by 2028

Oxford is home to Oxford Area School; a composite (year 1-13) school that provides education for students from Oxford township and the surrounding areas.

Dicover Oxford Area School