Imagine life at a different pace. A life where work and home are minutes apart; where recreation opportunities are in every direction just waiting to be had; where small towns, rural villages and beachside settlements are filled with friendly people and humming little businesses ready to welcome you in. Imagine moving to North Canterbury.

Natural NZ Honey team collecting honey.

Moving Here

Moving to a new town, region, or even a new country is daunting. We've put together all the information we think you need to make the decision to move to North Canterbury.

Dom Maxwell, Greystone Wines


With New Zealand’s second largest city just a short drive over the bridge and our own selection of boutique shops, artisan food producers, award-winning breweries and world class wineries North Canterbury enjoys easy access to all of life’s finer things.

Fantastic farmers’ markets, food and wine festivals and excellent eateries abound here, along with large-scale events, exhibitions, concerts and shows.

Waikuku Beach

Our Towns

North Canterbury is known for its small towns, rural villages and beachside settlements and proximity to Christchurch - New Zealand's second biggest city. We are a growing community of townies, farmers, professionals, crafters, families and business owners. We are here for whānau, lifestyle, opportunity.